I implemented a new comments system. Comments can now be turned on at the article level. Once turned on, comments can be left by anonymous users, provided they enter a name and a valid e-mail address. Entering a web site url is optional.

Please consider this system as being in the "alpha" stage. I have turned on comments on select articles while testing. Feel free to leave some comments and tell me your thoughts. Did it work as you might expect? How can I improve it? If you find any bugs, please send e-mail


By Doug Quaid 2014-02-01 01:48:36
this is a test
By goofy 2014-02-01 05:26:44
testing e-mail notification
By sam axe 2014-02-01 05:34:39
testing notification and remote approval.
By Bret Splinter 2014-02-02 02:57:50
By james 2014-02-03 08:53:45
By JimmyJ 2014-12-05 07:44:36
I'ma testing

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