LDEL - Long Delete

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LDEL deletes a directory and all sub-directories and files .
This will delete paths that are too long for Windows to delete.

I made LDEL out of a desire to support my fellow classmates on Coursera. There have been many people who have run into the long path issues when trying to delete nodejs and bower folders. My hope is that LDEL will fill the gap and help make web development on Windows easier and less frustrating.

LDEL was compiled on Windows 7 x64. If you have an x86 Windows PC (32 bit) let me know if this does not work for you.

Download ldel.zip


LDEL is a Windows command line tool.

Usage: LDEL /Q drive:path (drive:path)...

/Q Quiet mode, do not ask if
ok to remove a directory tree
Also supported are: -q, --quiet

Example: LDEL /q node_modules

LDEL does not support wild cards at this time.

Valid parameters are:

Quiet Mode: /Q, -q, --quiet
Help: /?, -h, --help

Installation Instructions

Download the ldel.zip and copy the ldel.exe to any folder in your path.






If you have any questions or comments or wish to report an issue, please send e-mail or leave a comment below.

Download ldel.zip

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