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by James - Jan 29th, 2015 11:34 am
I'm doing a bit of research on the Atari VCS CX-2600 and it's variants. First I am just trying to get the manufacturing dates correct. But I am also trying to find out more information about each variant; how well they were received? how many units sold? which models were more prone to defects?

Here's what I have so far from reading info on the web but I don't know how accurate these dates are.

console versionyears released
Atari VCS "heavy sixer" 1977
Atari VCS "light sixer" 1978 - 1980
Atari VCS 4 switch 1980-1982
Atari 2600 "Darth Vader" 1982-1984
Atari 2600 Jr 1984 - 1992

Given these facts, if they are correct, it would seem like the Atari 2600 Jr. probably sold more units. But I also believe the light sixer sold at least 3 million units during 1978 and 1979. (but I do not know if those numbers include the Sears Telegames console or not).

If you know any information about this and would like to help, please send e-mail

by James - May 2nd, 2014 8:32 pm

In 1979, I received my first Atari 2600 six switch console ("sixer"). Actually, it was a Sears Tele-Games Video Arcade. But in my heart, it was an Atari. I think that was quite possibly my best Christmas ever. Except the one where I got a toy robot. Yes, the toy Robot and the Atari were my best Christmases ever.

Sometime around 1993, my Atari and all my games were stolen by my ex and I never saw it or my games again. During the 1990s, I owned an NES, SNES, Playstation, But I always missed my Atari.

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