I wrote this poem(?) in my early teenage years before high school. These thoughts helped me through many difficult times throughout my entire life. In 1992, I took that old, tattered piece of notebook paper I had held onto for so many years and transcribed it in to a word processing document. That document, along with others, has been copied from computer to computer, from disk to tape back to disk again ever since. The file still has the original creation date on it! 9/17/1992 11:23PM

Today, I post it here for everyone to read. Be well, and may you always find your path.

The road never stops
It turns and brings you
in new directions
People never leave
We all just move on
Friendship never dissolves
It only takes on
A different point of view
Problems are never solved
We only find solutions
That bring us to the next
Pain is never avoided
It only shifts
From person to person.
If the end ever comes
Don't give up
Don't look back
Find your new road
And begin again
Meet new people
Find new friends
Discover new problems
Feel the pain
Know that
Life never dies
It only changes


Copyright © 1979 James Barrett


This is a test.
This is a test of the Emergency Computer Printout System.
The Word Perfect in this computer, in voluntary cooperation with
DOS, Intel, and the Panasonic KX©P1123, have developed a
simplistically difficult way to print documents using Macros.
If this had been an actual document, the explitives you just heard
would have been followed by thrashing, smashing, and bashing of the
computer console.
This concludes this test of the Emergency Computer Printout System.
Copyright © 1992 James Barrett

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