Clack! Clack! Clack! The car moved slowly upwards. At the top of the arc, the car seemed to stop. Clack! She stared into the endless void of blue. Her eyes tried to lock on to any detail but there was none. It seemed as if she was stuck in time. She looked down at the ground. Everything appeared small and indistinguishable. The sky threatened to let her go. Clack! The sun burned hot against her neck but excitement and fear sent chills down her spine. Clack! Butterflies filled her stomach. Clack! A flock of seagulls flew beneath her. Clack! The world started to spin. Clack! The blue sky shot away upward. Clack! Clack! Clack! Swashes of green and colored lights filled her view. She felt weightless. Her stomach turned to knots. She felt her bottom rise off the seat. The seat belt didn't seem quite as tight as it ought to be. She gripped the bar and watched the blood drain from her knuckles. She noticed patches of silver where others had worn the paint off. The car moved faster. The sounds of the track grew and blended with the screams behind her. Sparks shot away from the wheels of the car and the track glowed with sunlight. The wind rushed against her face and whipped her hair backwards. Her body got pushed up into the backrest. The sound of her heart became loud in her ears. The ground rushed up at her and she began to see the details; a cotton candy vendor, the Shoot the Star, blades of grass and squirrels. People walked along careless of the insanity happening above them. She braced for impact. The ground shot away downward and she felt heavy, pressed against the seat. Her view was filled once more with sky.

Copyright © 2016 James Barrett. All rights reserved.

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