In February of 2016, I was taking a creative writing course where we attempted to create characters. One assignment was to take two characters from our favorite book, movie, or TV show, and put them in a scene with a completely new and different setting. I chose two characters from a mid 1960s TV show called Lost In Space. My characters are based on Dr. Smith and the Robot.

Bob slapped handcuffs onto John's wrists and sat down at the bar. John looked around for a way out.

"You're difficult to track down, John." Bob said. He waved to the bartender.

"I don't know what you mean, dear sir." John said, shaking the handcuffs.

The bartender arrived. Bob ordered a soda.

"I'll have a whiskey with water and a twist of lemon.” John said. “He's buying." He gestured to Bob.

"Oh HA HA." Bob said. "I'm supposed to be at a family barbecue. Instead, I'm here buying you drinks."

"Oh come now, sheriff," John said, "You could let me go and save your self the trouble."

"I don't think so. You see, it is my lot in life to drag you off to prison".

The bartender arrived with their drinks.

"Then why are we here? Why not 'drag me off to prison' right now?" John mocked Bob as he spoke.

Bob sighed. "Remember last month when you got caught up in that gambling ring?"

"Oh yes. I made a pretty penny, too, until that wretch accused me of cheating." John eyed Bob carefully. "It appears you have fully recovered"

Bob placed his soda hard on the oak bar and swiveled to face John.

"You saved my life, John. You didn't have to, but you did."

"Then you're going to let me go, is that it?"

"I can't do that."

"No! Please." John said. "I can't go back to prison!"

"I can get you a deal if you give me something in return."

John was interested. "So, you need me, is that it?" John smiled. "I'm certain we can work out an arrangement."

"I need to know the Robinsons are safe."

John took a gentle sip of whiskey. The handcuffs irritated his wrists.

"And you'll do this for me because I saved your life?" John said.


"Very well, I accept."

"Good". Bob paid the bartender.

"Oh dear." John said. "That whiskey did not agree with me." He looked slyly at Bob. "I need to use the rest room, if I may."

Bob sighed. They walked to the bathroom. Bob unlocked the handcuffs and John went in.

"I'll only be a moment", said John.

Three minutes went by. Bob opened the bathroom door. He found a napkin on the sink with an address and date on it. The window was open and John was gone. Bob smiled.

Copyright © 2016 James Barrett. All Rights Reserved.

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