Jade Bonner wanted a new video game, her favorite science documentary, and water. She awoke, memory churning, to see her alarm clock blinking. She dressed quickly and went to the kitchen. Filthy water dripped from the faucet. Municipal Water & Sewer had been outside all morning. Jade opened her refrigerator but the old appliance was bare. Her mouth felt dry. She found a bottle of carrot juice in the door, but it had gone bad. She turned on the faucet to pour the juice down the drain. The faucet exploded drenching her clothes and flooding the kitchen. She decided to clean up later. She pulled out her keys but the rings broke, submerging the keys. She fished up her car key and left the house. A policeman blocked her driveway and pretended not to hear her. Jade drove through her neighbor's yard and onto the adjacent street. She came upon a truck with an empty cage blocking the street. Jade asked the driver to move. The driver said she would not move because the tiger had escaped. Jade hatched a desperate plan. She tricked the driver into believing the animal was in her car. The driver investigated. Jade climbed aboard the truck and drove away. Jade noticed an unopened bottle of water on the passenger seat. Driving as the crow flies, she landed in the GameStop parking lot. Water in hand, Jade entered to see her favorite science documentary playing on a TV above the shelf displaying her video game.

Copyright © 2016 James Barrett. All rights reserved.

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